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Bill Brown

If you don't already visit it, I'd suggest you head on over to Kevin Kelly's Recomendo blog. It's about good stuff, which might introduce you to new brands to consider.

Bill Brown

Hmm, the url didn't appear:


Nice idea. One thing that I find really interesting is the way global brands are presented quite differently for what would appear to be, at least on the surface, relatively similar markets. Case in point: I saw your link about the Volkswagen Jetta down the side and hopped on over to the VW (USA) site. I was really quite stunned at how differently VW presents its cars, compared to here in the UK. I drive a Golf GTI myself, but as far as I can see, it doesn't exist "brand wise" in the States. The Golf range seems to be aimed at a family audience, with it's five doors, where as the GTI range (despite being the same car with 3 doors) isn't actually presented as a Golf. The GTI is a modern version of the Rabbit (the old name for the Golf in the US, I guess), but they seem to have now dumped that name. The Jetta is exactly the same here, but is called a Bora. The "Wagon" extension over here is known as an estate. Some of this strikes me as being excessive duplication of marketing work, but is clearly routed in sound research. You wouldn't catch me driving around in a Rabbit anyway.

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